Foreword  (and download of this file)


1.0 Why this publication? – An Introduction 5
2.0 Introduction to the subject 8

Sri Aurobindo and Mirra Alfassa
About them – their aims – their teachings

2.2 Ilse Middendorf  -  as a Person  -   the Perceptible Breath 19
2.3 The most important books for this theme 23
2.4 Stages in my study of Yoga and Evolution 24
3.0 Evolution, Transformation and the Perceptible Breath 25

3.1 The most important stages of experiences up to now of the supramental
cosciousness and that of the Superman through The Mother
3.2 The question of the “how” of unifying the physical body 34
3.3 Diverse Interconnections and Indications of the Experience of Breath regarding Mirra Alfassa´s Goals 38
3.3.1 Ilse Middendorf's mission 38
3.3.2 My Experience of the Power of Kundalini 38
3.3.3 Cornelis Veenings Encounter with Mirra Alfassa 38
3.3.4 The new consciousness of body – “the new breathing” 
My peak experience from October 1972
3.3.5 The golden earth – my experience of the Divine which lives within matter (September 1975) 41
3.4 The work on the physical body – Reports of Mirra Alfassa about her experiences and discoveries  in the years 1950 to 1973 42
3.4.1 The required abilities and characteristics of the body:Heightening of its  ability to sense, receptiveness, ability to focus as well as its ability to surrender  and attantiveness 49
3.4.2 The necessity of quietening the Mind and the Vital in the work on, with and through the physical body (in historical chronology) 51
3.5 Correspondence between the elements of work in the Methodology of The Mother (to transform the body) and the Experience of Breath after Ilse Middendorf 54
3.5.1 The abilities and characteristics of the body which can be developed: The ability to sense, receptiveness, ability to focus as well as the ability to surrender and attentiveness 57
3.5.2 Further points in common in the methodology and the elements of work 59
3.6 The practical work required 61
3.6.1 The purging of the physical body 62
3.6.2 Recommended exercise for unity with the body of the transitional stage 65
4.0 Summary 68
Recommended literature 69
Some information about the author 70


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