Scientific research demonstrates that through rituals (as in shamanism) and/or psychoactive drugs which exist and have always existed throughout the planet Earth, the development of consciousness of people has been significantly furthered. First since the days of burning of witches at the stake (one of the last major attempts at repressing the female), has this knowledge disappeared from our culture, or has descended into the underground. The repression of this cultural inheritance is being continued by the current legislation which e.g. throws LSD into the same pot as drugs of addiction. As a

 matter of fact LSD has no potential for creating dependency. There is not one single LSD addict in the world and no one has died of LSD itself apart from a few victims of accidents. The media contribute little to educating the public about the scientific facts of the matter.

So as far as the knowledge which I have at my disposal goes, the methods of the Experience of Breath are at present the only ones which are in a position a holistic and systematic way to prepare the physical body for this transformation.

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