In recent years Ilse Middendorf has occasionally with those appropriately interested carried out a type of breathing which she calls “Thoughts silence” which however, as she informed me refers not only to the Mind but also includes the silence of the Vital. At this point in time it is necessary to connect that work with the focusing on the subtle-physical body which The Mother had formed. Possibly it will be even easier to achieve the “Thoughts silence” with simultaneous concentration on the subtle-physical body than it would be without such a focusing on it since without such concentration a “vacuum” would come

about which would induce reactions in the Mind and Vital.

In chapter 3.6.1 (Purification of the physical body) I go into the difference between the purification required according to whether people take a spiritual path or foreground the physical body. I would like already at this juncture to point out that it possible by means of breathing to let the Mind and the Vital recede into the background during the work on breathing without it requiring the processes of purification which are indispensable for spiritual paths.

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