On the 15th of July 1953 The Mother wrote in a discussion about the interrelation between God and the Creation: “You will see that your whole idea and conception (of Paradise and of Hell) is based on one matter or one being which you term God, and on a world which you term His Creation by which there are two different things , according to what you believe. The one which created the other, and the other which is subordinated to the first, and which is the expression of that which the first one created. And therein lies the causal mistake.”

“If you were able to sense deeply that there is no divide between what you dub your God and what you dub

Creation, if you could say to yourselves: ”They are exactly the same things“, and you should sense that that which you name as God (perhaps it really is after all nothing more than a word) also suffers, when you yourselves suffer, is also ignorant when you yourselves are ignorant, and it slowly but surely finds itself again through the entire Creation, step by step, unites again with itself, realizes itself, expresses itself, and that the Creation in no way at all is something that it wanted arbitrarily and created arbitrarily but rather much more a growing steadily developing expression of a consciousness which objectifies itself.”

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